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Code Red Rocket League.

Speedy | Published on the tue Oct 17, 2023 5:03 pm | 146 Views

CodeRed is a rocket league program that offer a different variation of options in game that are visible of course just for your eyes.

Where to download it ?

Is CodeRed safe to use it?

Yes !.CodeRed is similar program to bakkesmode but with more futures that some people wanted but never find for so long - You can use any exisiting tittles in the game with codered - From Tournements tittles to RLCS and other special tittles! Of course the tittles will be visible only for yourself.Also CodeRed has a good freeplay options and garage style options.You can change your name,you can add banners and borders of any kind.

For more informations about it you can find the owners on CodeRed discord channel.

How to use it?

First after unziping the rar folder,just simply double click on CodeRed.exe , it will ask you to download the updates .Once the program is updated you will need to open the game via Steam or Epic games (Only available for PC).In game you will have to press "F1" to open the pannel in order to use and select what you desire.

Basic and simple ! A better version of bakkesmod!

Credits to CodeRed Comunity Coders Members ! 

The discord channel : CodeRed.

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